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You’re going to be really upset when you meet my partner.

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olicity + oliver queen and felicity smoak standing next to each other (◕‿◕✿) 

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Jeff Davis: There’s no story left for Danny.

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What use could there possibly be for an in-the-know hacker?

There is a new monster who is using computers and transferring money sending out text messages to people in the school, if only there was someone who could crack it… -tilts head slowly-

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lmao i just lost like 10 followers

was it the olicity smut, stephen’s ass?

Well you just gained one. Did I hear smut? Lol.

oliver/felicity appreciation week | day one: favorite oliver and felicity quote

“Felicity, he had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.”

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For once, Oliver won’t be a smooth operator when he and Felicity do go on that date. “Let’s just say, Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences,” Kreisberg hints.
Andrew Kreisberg talks Olicity date with THR.com (via holy-smoaked)